They’re all savages.



Nonetheless, read on:

The chair in the background added much to my apartment at the time, and I was very happy to have it. I bought the chair at a place called City Liquidators in Portland, Oregon. The sunglasses came from a little shop in Long Beach, California, and that cordless drill came from the West Marine in Dana Point Harbor, south of Newport Beach. The pants were a Buffalo Exchange purchase, I’m pretty sure, and that little guitar came from a guitar shop in Phoenix, Arizona. It was new when I bought it in 1997. All those books — except for maybe four — came from Title Wave Books in Anchorage, Alaska, and the tattoo is from a place called Sin City Tattoo in Tempe. It cost me $75. I bought the television only after my dad lobbied heavily for me to do so while he was visiting for Christmas, 2004.

The mustache is made out of wire and gaffer’s tape. It didn’t cost me a damn thing.

Other than that, I spend my days writing and illustrating for magazines, writing perpetually ongoing projects, raising my daughter and playing every song I remember on the guitar, and some I’ve forgotten. Go to to see it all.



2 Responses to “They’re all savages.”

  1. Shannon (Dillman) Bagshaw Says:

    I was talking to some gals at work and one said to me that I should have been an actress. I told her that I was, in fact, in drama class in high school (Gilbert High 1990, Gilbert, AZ). The conversation turned to me remembering this guy in drama class who we all knew would go to Hollywood an actually become an actor. I said I haven’t heard of him yet but maybe he’s changed his name so I googled Neil Zawicki. I see from the picture and description that you bought a guitar in Phoenix and a tatoo at Sin City in Tempe. I can’t see the face very well but from what I can see it’s you. You have been remembered. 20 year reunion next year. Funny…the things your remember.

  2. So, Shannon had every reason to believe that you woud be a Hollywood movie star. I can see that, too. You can quote hours of movie dialogue and improvise as though you had graduated from Second City in Chicago. You have worked some of the oddest jobs. From deep sea factories to the painter’s canvas, you’ve done it all with the intelligence and drive to write about it all and document it in writing.

    You da man. Now make like this …

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